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BioReady Taq Mix kit contains high-fidelity Taq enzyme and the newly developed PCR enhancer. It can effectively amplify various templates which has the high GC content, secondary structure or long fragment. The kit can be used for gene expression analysis, genomic walking, DNA microarray analysis and so on. BioReady Taq Mix(with dye) increase dye indicator on BioReady Tag Mix, PCR product can be electrophoresis directly.

Product features
  • Contain high-efficiency Tag enzyme.
  • Contain developed PCR enhancer.
  • Apply to all sources of DNA template.
  • Can overcome the high GC content and secondary structure.
  • Stored at 2~8, can repeat freezing and thawing.
Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSA31S1 BioReady Taq Mix 50T
BSA31M1 BioReady Taq Mix 200T
BSA31S1B BioReady Taq Mix(with dye) 50T
BSA31M1B BioReady Taq Mix(with dye) 200T
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