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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the virus that leads to AIDS. HIV belongs to a subset of retroviruses called lentiviruses (or slow viruses), which means that there is an interval (sometimes years) between the initial infection and the onset of symptoms. Upon entering the bloodstream --through mucous membranes or blood-to-blood contact. So early diagnosis is very important.HIV PCR Fluorescence Quantitative Detection Kit combines the technologies of nucleic acid amplification and probe to detect HIV-1 RNA. HIV-1 RNA is reverse transcribed and a specific fragment is amplified with specific primers in a one-step RT-PCR reaction. The products are detected by using a specific Taqman-MGB Probe.

Product features
  • High sensitivity: It can detect 103copies/ml stably.
  • High Specificity: Apply to a variety of different HIV subtypes detection, detection of B hepatitis virus, C hepatitis virus, hepatitis G virus, hepatitis E virus were maintained good negative results.
  • Pollution prevention: Finish the RT-PCR only one step, doesn’t need reverse transcription and PCR treatment. Complete closed tube amplification and detection, avoiding false positive results.
  • Simplicity of operation: It only take 1.5 hours to finish all PCR process.
Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSB24M1 HIV-1 RT-PCR Fluorescence Quantitative Diagnostic Kit 48T
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