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BioReady Taq is a highly pure, thermostable recombinant DNA polymerase encoded by a modified gene from Thermus aquaticus species and expressed in E.coli. Its recombinant nature ensures utmost purity, reproducibility and processivity. BioReady Taq processes an initial 5'-3' exonuclease activity and lacks 3'-5'exonuclease activity. The enzyme leaves a single 3'-nucleotide overhang that makes the product for cloning by TA vector system. BioReady Taq provides a strong thermostability that meets the requirements of specialized PCR applications. This product includes all components except primers. Users only need to prepare primers and template to run PCR. The operation is rapid and simple.

Product features
  • Good thermostable.
  • High activity.
  • The PCR product with this enzyme is available to run TA clone directly.
  • The product is suitable for Real-Time PCR reaction owing to 5'-3'exonuclease activity.
Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSA09S1 BioReady Taq pac. 200U
BSA09M1 BioReady Taq pac. 500U
Experimental data

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