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Hepatitis virus B (HBV) is the causative agent of acute and chronic hepatitis. Approximately 400 million people worldwide are chronically infected with HBV. There are 170 million people infected in China. HBV infection can lead to cirrhosis and primary hepatocelluar carcinoma. HBV PCR Fluorescence Quantitative Diagnostic Kit combines the technologies of nucleic acid amplification and hybridization probe to detect HBV DNA in serum which could assist detection of HBV disease.

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Product features
  • Using the submicro paramagnetic particles to extract and purify HBV DNA form all kinds of sample and can be applied in Bioer's Nucleic Acid Purification System.
  • Based on Bioer's flurescence quantitative PCR detection system.
  • Due to adopt MGB probe technique, it increases the fluorescence resolution power and the stability of the probe,and then increases the detection resolution power.
  • Leading the competitive internal standard method into HBV fluorescence quantitative PCR detection system, we can remove false negative results directly.
  • Use dUTP/UDG system: Effectively prevent carryover contamination in PCR.
Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSB01M1B HBV PCR Fluorescence Quantitative Detection Kit 48T
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