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The one-step reverse transcription (RT) real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR amplification reagent provided in this kit is used to make RT and PCR in the same reaction system, reducing the risk of contamination during operations such as opening the lid and pipetting. This product optimizes and integrates reverse transcriptase and antibody-modified hot-start Tth DNA polymerase to improve amplification sensitivity and specificity. At the same time, this product has introduced dUTP/UDG anti-pollution system, heat-sensitive UDG can function at room temperature and can be inactivated at 50 ℃ reverse transcription, which can effectively prevent the risk of aerosol contamination of amplification products without interfering with amplification increase reaction.

Product features
  • High specificity : Non-specific reactions can be effectivelycontrolled by hot-start Taq enzyme.
  • High amplification sensitivity : It can stably detect 200copies/mL of nucleic acid samples of the SARS-CoV-2 mutant
    strains Delta (B.1.617.2/AY.X)

  • Better buffer system : this product has optimized the reaction buffer system to promote the effective amplification of the template.
  • Pollution-free : dUTP/UDG in qPCR premix can effectively prevent PCR product contamination.
Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSB74S1 BioRT One-step RT-qPCR Kit II(UDG plus) 100T
BSB74M1 BioRT One-step RT-qPCR Kit II(UDG plus) 500T
BSB74L1 BioRT One-step RT-qPCR Kit II(UDG plus) 5000T
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