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  • Low RNase H activity: can synthesize long full-length cDNA, eliminating RNA degradation during first-strand cDNA synthesis.
  • High heat stability: the optimum reverse transcription temperature is 42-50℃. It is suitable for reverse transcription of RNA templates with complex secondary structure.
  • High efficiency of reverse transcription and accurate quantitative reaction can be performed in a wide range of templates.
  • Reverse transcription of total RNA as low as 1 pg can be completed.

Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSA42S1 BioReady M-MLV (H-) Reverse Transcriptase 10000U
BSA42M1 BioReady M-MLV (H-) Reverse Transcriptase 50000U
BSA42L1 BioReady M-MLV (H-) Reverse Transcriptase 1000KU
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