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This product is a one-step reverse transcription amplification (RT-qPCR) reagent, it contains a dUTP/UDG anti-contamination system, the heat sensitive UDG is activated at room temperature (25℃) and inactivated during reverse transcription at 50℃,which is effectively reducing aerosol contamination. At the same time, the reaction buffer system is optimized to promote the effective amplification of templates.

Product features
  • High specificity : Non-specific reactions can be effectively controlled by hot-start Taq enzyme.
  • Widely Application : It can be used for probe method.
  • Pollution-free DUTP /UDG in qPCR premix can effectively prevent PCR product contamination.
Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSB73S1 BioRT One-step RT-qPCR Kit (UDG plus) 100T
BSB73M1 BioRT One-step RT-qPCR Kit (UDG plus) 500T
BSB73L1 BioRT One-step RT-qPCR Kit (UDG plus) 5000T
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