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The SimplyP Virus DNA/RNA extraction kit is a "fast, efficient, safe and reliable" product from Bioer Technology to meet the needs of our customers. This kit uses unique lysis buffer of Bioer and special polymer membrane material. It only takes "11min" to extract high purity viral DNA or RNA from animal tissues, cultured cells, whole blood and other liquid samples (such as plasma, serum, ascites, cerebrospinal fluid, pleural effusion, etc.).

Product features
  • High purity: the extracted nucleic acid can be directly used for PCR, RT-PCR/Real-timePCR and other downstream experiments.
  • Fast: only 11 minutes to complete the extraction.
  • No need for protease K.
  • No need for carrier RNA.
  • Metal baths and refrigerated centrifuges are not required.

Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSC67S1 SimplyP Virus DNA/RNA Extraction kit 50T
BSC67M1 SimplyP Virus DNA/RNA Extraction kit 100T
BSC67L1 SimplyP Virus DNA/RNA Extraction kit 200T
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