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This product collects saliva or sputum samples through a sampling funnel and puts them in the sample preservation solution of the saliva collector. It is harmless to human body and the collection process is easy to accept without discomfort. This product contains the basic components of Hanks Balanced Salt Solution, and adds protein stabilizing components and antibacterial components to provide a stable osmotic pressure environment for the preservation and transportation of saliva samples, which can preserve the nucleic acid of saliva samples without degradation. The collected samples are suitable for follow-up experiments.

Product features
  • Easy to operate: The collection process is simple and fast.
  • Widely uses: Can be widely used in hospitals, scientific research institutions of saliva sample collection and transportation.
  • Multiple selections: The collected samples can be used for nucleic acid extraction and virus isolation and culture at the same time for subsequent experimental operations.
  • Medical material: The collector selects imported medical grade material, no heat source.
Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSC92X1-B Saliva collector 2mL/Tube
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