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Nucleic Acid Release Buffer does not use traditional nucleic acid extraction methods, and can release nucleic acid quickly and accurately, greatly improving the convenience of operation. The product contains surfactants, triphosphate buffers, guanidine salts and RNase inhibitors that release nucleic acids into solution after passivation and denaturation of viral capsid/envelope in biological specimens and can be directly used for in vitro diagnostic analysis based on PCR amplification.

Product features
  • The nucleic acid of samples can be released in one step without instrument purification method.
  • Suitable for DNA/RNA template.
  • It can ensure the stability and accuracy of downstream experiment.
  • It does not contain toxic reagents and pollution-free.

Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSC102N1-1 Nucleic Acid Release Buffer 50 Tests/kit ( Nasopharyngeal Swab)
BSC102N1-2 Nucleic Acid Release Buffer 50 Tests/kit (Oropharyngeal Swab)
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