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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a kind of double stranded DNA virus, and the long-term persistent infection of HPV is the main cause of human cervical cancer. HPV genotyping real-time PCR kit can detect 15 kinds of high risk HPV, 3 kinds of medium-risk HPV and 2 kinds of low-risk HPV. This kit adopts fluorescence quantitative PCR method, and has the advantages of high specificity and high sensitivity. It can not only detect the virus in the early stage of infection, but also distiguish high-risk type and low-risk type, It is free from various chemical and biochemical components and other interference.

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Product features
  • High detection throughput : a single experiment of 96 wells can detect up to 22 cases simultaneously.
  • High sensitivity: the detection sensitivity can reach 1000 copies/mL.
  • Strong specificity: no cross reaction with a variety of other types of HPV and similar pathogens.
  • Wide detection range: covering most HPV types in different samples.
  • Simple operation: From sample processing to detection results can be completed within 90 minutes.
Product parameters
Cat.No Product Name Package
BSJ01M1 HPV Genotyping Real-time PCR Kit 48T
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