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The kit is a ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of total RNA,including miRNA and other small RNA molecules, from cultured cells and various animal and human tissues. Add BIOZOL Reagent to the processed sample, after addition of chloroform, RNA will be isolated from DNA and Protein, and adding alcohol will bind RNA all RNA molecules from 18 nucleotides (nt) upwards to spin column. Then RNA  can be easily isolated through several washing and eluting steps.

The kit provides a very simple, fast and economical technique to isolate high quality RNA, and can go high-throughput. The pure RNA can be applied extensively in Northern blot, RNase protect assay, RT-PCR/Real time RT-PCR analysis, construction cDNA library, microarray analysis etc.

Product features
  • Storage and transportation

    • The kit has demonstrated stability of 12 months when the BIOZOL Reagent should be stored at 2-8  ℃,others at room temperature.
    • The kit can be transported at room temperature.
  • Apparatus and materials to be prepared by the user

    *  Sterile 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes                        * 10µl/100µl/1000µl tips

    *  Microcentrifuge capable of 14,000rpm * Absolute alcohol

    *  Vortex mixer * Chloroform

  • Important note

    Wash Buffer Add the alcohol as the volume marked on bottle label and mix well.

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