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The kit provides a simple, rapid and effective method for purification of DNA fragments from PCR or enzymatic reaction. DNA fragments ranging from 60bp to 10kb can be purified. The yield of DNA with size lower than 100bp is 23~95%, while the yield of DNA with size from 0.1kb to 10kb is 90~97%. Purified DNA can be used directly for kinds of downstream molecular biological experiments such as cloning, sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion, PCR/real-time PCR and so on.
Product features
  • Storage and Transportation

    • The kit should be stored dry at room temperature (15~25℃), The kit can be stored for up to 18 months if all components are kept in the manner above.
    • The kit can be transported at room temperature.
  • Apparatus and Materials to Be Supplied by the User

    *  Sterile 1.5 microcentrifuge tubes          * 10µl/100µl/1000µl tips

    *  Microcentrifuge capable of 14,000g     * Vortex mixer     * Absolute ethanol

  • Important notes

    1. Add ethanol (as the volume be marked on bottle label) to Wash Buffer and mix well
    2. Close the lid after using the Binding Buffer as soon as possible.
    3. The suitable volume is 50ul for Elution Buffer; user can adjust its volume if necessary.
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